Race, Income Inequality and a Mystery

• In this selection from Voices of Reason, reporters Jason Lee and Amy Donaldson Brass talk with University of Utah Professor William A. Smith about racial battle fatigue and micro aggression. Worth a listen for those interested in fine-tuning their understanding of race relations at this tumultuous time in our country. Listen here.

• Michael Strain of the American Enterprise Institute was the inaugural guest at the Newsmakers Breakfast hosted by the Kem C. Gardner Policy Institute. In this podcast from the David Eccles School of Business, Strain shares his views on inequality, technology, productivity and where the economy is headed. Ignore the pre-election comment! Listen here.

• Who doesn’t love a great mystery? In this offering from the Mystery Show, intrepid reporter Starlee Kine helps a man track down the owner of a belt buckle found on an Arizona street decades earlier. Sadly, the Mystery Show ceased operating in April 2016, but Kine continues to produce remarkable stories as a reporter for American Public Radio and other outlets. Listen here.