No. 45, Lawrence v. Texas and freezing fat


Construction of the U.S. Supreme Court Building, 1933. Photo credit: Architect of the Capitol.

NO. 45

I am trying to find a good source of information about the pressing issues facing Donald J. Trump as he takes office. This podcast from the Council on Foreign Relations—The President’s Inbox—was a good start. In this episode Richard N. Haas, the council’s president, breaks it down with James M. Lindsay, studies director, and Robert McMahon, managing editor. Haas served in the administration of No. 43 (George W. Bush) and what he has to say about showing up on Day 1 fascinated me. It’s an informed, insightful conversation about what really matters as No. 45 assumes power. Listen here: Inauguration Day.

Lawrence v.  Texas

I thought I knew quite a bit about the 2003 U.S. Supreme Court decision known as Lawrence v. Texas, which made same-sex sexual relations legal in all states. Turns out I didn’t know the half of it—and you probably don’t either. I’ve loved every episode of More Perfect, the podcast from Radiolab examining how the court came to be configured as it is and the backstory on key decisions. This one is focused on the imperfect plaintiffs behind some of the court’s major decisions, including Tyron Garner and John Lawrence. Listen here: The Imperfect Plaintiffs.

Freezing fat

Yep, just like you I’ve vowed to up my exercise plan in 2017. I need to lose a few pounds. But I have a feeling—no, more than that, I know!—some of these fat deposits just won’t go away no matter what I do. So I’ve been checking into options, including CoolSculpting, and came across this episode from The Scope, a podcast from the University of Utah Health Sciences. The overview from Dr. David Smart was just the expert advice I needed. Listen here: Two Medical Treatments for Reducing Fat in Problem Areas



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