Why is friendship so hard?

Women and friendship

I’ve been “ghosted.” And, truth be told, I’ve “ghosted” a few people, too. It’s one of the many things women sometimes do to each other in the course of friendship. Friendships are often complicated and I’ve sometimes wondered why. In this podcast from 1A, host Indira Lakshmanan talks to Deborah Tannen about her new book on the language of women’s friendships. Tannen has long helped unpack conversation, language, voice and what our ways of talking mean. This is an insightful interview. Listen here: A Little More Conversation: How Women Talk To Each Other.

Men and friendship

Why do so many men lack male friends, especially when they hit middle age? “By now, our kids have left, our marriage may have left, and all the friends we used to have are on their own little islands, suffering just like us,” writes Sam Lawrence, host of the Grow Big Always podcast. The topic of men and friendship isn’t one I’ve heard discussed much, so I found Sam’s conversation with Jacqueline Olds, co-author of “The Lonely American: Drifting Apart in the Twenty-first Century” very interesting. Listen here: Why American men have no friends with Harvard’s Jacqueline Olds.

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